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I contacted Jody about a DUI. She took the time to explain the process in great detail at our first meeting. She was prompt in getting the municipality to move the process along and was successful in getting one charge dropped and the limit the time of another sanction.

Anon [ OWI client]

Jody Usow is a divorce attorney par excellence, who will zealously defend your rights and interests to the extent legally possible. You cannot go wrong choosing her! She competently defended my interests before a commissioner in a post-divorce dispute, which ruled in my favor and for which I remain forever grateful to her. I sincerely wish that I had hired her during my divorce proceedings, for I know now that had I done so, I would not have needed representation again post-divorce. Ms. Usow and her team excel in all aspects of her business. I cannot endorse anyone more highly.

Anon [ family law client]

I can’t thank you enough for representing to get restraining orders on my son and his girlfriend. It was a hard thing to do but it had to be done. I could not have done it own my own.

You did a great job for me. I had a reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day. I got my life back thanks to you, Elder Rights Project, and Sojourner everyone treated me with respect and concern. Please keep up the good work, Elders need that kind of help. 

I hope you had a wonderfull Thanksgiving Day. I did  my house is my home again.

Forever Grateful.

MV [Volunteer Lawyers Project client.]

[Attorney Usow volunteers significant time throughout the year to advocate for pro se clients through the Volunteer Lawyers Project. These clients come to Attorney Usow through the Volunteer Lawyers Project, she does not meet or accept pro se clients directly.]

Jody is an excellent lawyer. She and her team have been a great support in this stressful situation. Although I was having a rough marriage, when my husband brought in the divorce papers, I was shocked. I'm currently a US citizen, but having been an immigrant originally and lived in Milwaukee for not long, I didn’t understand the legal process here and I was scared to death to go through the divorce. I didn’t have strong family or friends support in Milwaukee and felt me and my kids will be ruined with this action.

Jody was very frank in what can and can’t be done legally. She was very patient when I was at my worst and guided me well. Her boldness and attitude are very inspiring. I felt my concerns were heard, my rights were protected and I was confident that me and my kids will be taken care of.

I can’t thank Nick enough for being patient with me. He was extremely helpful in answering and explaining all the initial questions, even before I signed any agreement. He educated me with the process which built my confidence that I am in good hands.

I developed a great respect and trust for US legal system after working with Jody & Nick. I appreciate the protection of rights and justice provided for women, children and men. I would highly recommend Jody. She is a fantastic lawyer to work with.

Anonymous [ divorce client]

Dear Jody,

I wanted to just say thank you for everything, I know your job can be very taxing to say the least because you see the worst in people sometimes. I just wanted to share with you after all this my life has finally turned for the better. During this whole process you did such a great job at putting my nerves at ease and understood.  Thank you and your staff I will always be indebted to you. I attached a pic of me and my girlfriend saluting you.

Brian D. [family law client]

Jody is hard working attorney that acts with integrity. My one regret is that she was not recommended to me earlier. She kept me in the loop on the details of the proceedings and mediated issues. She recognizes that divorce is difficult time on her client, emotionally and financially, she tries to keep the process on track for a timely conclusion.

Maureen [divorce client]

Thank you so much for your diligent work on my behalf. I am grateful for your counsel involving my divorce.

W.R. [divorce client]

Dear Jody, 

your kindness will forever be in our thoughts, you helped my sister out of a life of misery. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

JB [relative of family law client]

Dearest Jody

It's not the ideal way I would have wanted to meet but I believe we are put in each lives for a reason. I owe you my deepest appreciation for what you accomplished out of nothing to stand on. In the end I have my family back in order and I have learned a great deal in the process. To you I owe it all so thanks again and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Ken [family law client]

Dear Jody,

I just wanted to say thank you again. As I look back over this year I cannot believe how far I have come. I believe with all my heart that you were an answer to prayer! No matter what the outcome would have been, I know that you did your absolute best for me. This was by far the most horrible year of my life, but having you in my corner made it much easier. I suppose that much of the time you have a thankless job. Please know Jody that you are making a difference in peoples lives. For me you were a blessing! I will always tell people that you are a fantastic attorney! 

R.R. [family law client]

Jody -

I cannot thank you enough for representing me in my divorce. Your experience and professionalism were appreciated! Thank you for getting me to the end result. 

Sheila [divorce client]

Ms Usow, 

You were a great help to me and I will always be grateful for your services. 

A.C. [family law client]


Thank you so very much for saving me. I know it must have been very surprising and stressful for you to help me out of this mess. Thank you for saving my future! 

A.  [criminal law client]


from the bottom of my heart thank you! May God bless you and your family. Always grateful

M.J. [criminal law client]

Dear Jody, 

Thank you for all of your help with the divorce, I couldn't have done it without you. 

Jill [divorce client]


Thanks for all you do for public service. May God grant you the Wisdom - to know the right from wrong, truth & justice - I know you already have these talents & blessings. You are a wonderful person - don't forget that. 

Love  A.L. [family law client]