About Attorney Usow


Attorney Jody L. Usow
Milwaukee Area Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

To achieve results and get your life back on course an experienced litigator is the right choice.

Protecting your work, your family, your freedom and your personal safety.

Litigating family, criminal and civil law in Wisconsin for over 25 years, Attorney Jody Usow has the experience to effectively represent clients both in the courtroom and out. 

If you seek a responsive litigator who will work hand-in-hand with you from start to finish, contact Attorney Jody Usow at (414) 961-9500 for an initial telephone interview or to discuss an office consultation. 

Intelligent, effective negotiation is at the heart of successful outcomes.

The letter of the law is not the end of your search for justice and representation, it is merely the beginning. How the law is interpreted and applied, and how effectively you deal with various parties, whether an ex-spouse, a business partner, the police, opposing counsel, a judge or even the clerk of courts, is every bit as important as the letter of the law itself. 

Experienced litigators are skilled negotiators when it counts the most.

Attorney Jody Usow is an experienced and effective litigator. If you are faced with a legal challenge and seek a strong advocate capable of defending and promoting your interests, contact Attorney Jody Usow.


Throughout her career Attorney Usow has consistently volunteered significant time each year to advocate for pro se clients, often in cases involving domestic violence, through the Volunteer Lawyers Project. These clients come to Attorney Usow through the Volunteer Lawyers Project, she does not meet or accept pro se clients directly.